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Abela is a parish in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém. A small village of typically Alentejan architectureits parish church standing imposing on the hill. (more Info)



Aguiar is a parish in the municipality of Viana do Alentejo. Aguia was a county seat from 1287 until the beginning of the 19th century. (more Info)

Alandroal is a more recently established fortified town from the 14th Century... (more Info)
Alcácer do Sal The ancient town of Alcácer do Sal (al-kasrfrom the Arab word for "castle"and do sal from its history of trade in salt)... (more Info)
Alcáçovas Alcáçovas is a parish in the municipality of Viana do Alentejo. (more Info)
Aljustrel Inhabited since remote times Aljustrel became an important centre when its wealth in pyrites became known and the mines were already explored in the 1st century BC by the Romans, who named the town Vipasca. (more Info)
Almodôvar is a characteristic Alentejan town. Near Almodôvara number of archaeological sites have been discoveredsuch as the Megalithic findings at Monte do GuerreiroMonte das Antas dos Mouriçosetc.(more Info)
Almograve Almograve is a tiny village which only awakes for July and August. Than there are feasts and theatre on the street,... (more Info)
Alter do Chão is a small place of Roman origin situated in the heart of the Alto Alentejo region. Evidence of its prosperity during the textile years of the 16th century can be seen in the form of an attractive Renaissance marble fountain... (more Info)
Alqueva Alqueva is a parish in the municipality of Portel. The Alqueva Dam is the largest artificial lake in Europe, (more Info)


Alvalade is a parish in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém. A village with an enchanting landscape located between Campilhas strem and the river Sado. (more Info)

Alvito To the north west of the Beja is the town of Alvito with pre-Roman origins. The graceful town has grown around its palatial castle... (more Info)


Amareleja is a parish in the muncipality of Moura. (more Info)

Amieira Amieira is a parish in the municipality of Portel. (more Info)
Arcos Arcos is a parish in the muncipality of Estremoz. (more Info)
Arraiolos with its 14th-century castleis especially known for its rare handmade carpets and tapestries. Arraiolos is a pleasant Alentejo townwhose foundation dates back to the second century BC. (more Info)
Arronches The municipality lies on the edge of the Serra de São Mamede and borders Spain. Arroches was an important stronghold during the wars with Spain. (more Info)
Avis Founded in 1214 by the grand-master of the military Order of Avis. The graceful Medieval townwith narrow and winding streets and small houses exhibiting a typical front chimney,... (more Info)
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