Welcome to the Alentejo


Welcome to the Alentejo - Portugal

Alentejo: "Além do Tejo",

translated: "beyond the river Tagus ",

offers a continental maritime climate and over 3000 hours of sun per year.

The Alentejo

... is an area that deserves more respect than it usually gets. Between the distant villages you will once and again encounter a "Monte", one of the white manors one of the typical farmhouses. Endless seeming, golden Fields stretch across the country on smooth hills to the horizon. Corn fields, olive groves, cork oaks (the speciality of this region), vines and blooming acres - The planes of Portugal with their smooth but wavy countryside will completely conquer your heart.

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... , in Southern Portugal, north of the Algarve. It stretches over an area of over 26 000 square kilometres between the Tejo and Guadjana, which is a third of the total country area. The population density with its 20 inhabitants per square kilometre is the lowest in Portugal and one of the lowest in the whole of Europe. (more Info) Alentejo area is commonly known as the "bread basket" of Portugal. With very few exceptions all the major towns are mainly reliant on agriculture, livestock and wood. Typical products from this area are grain, sunflower, carthame, fruit, vegetables, olives, wines, cork, eucalyptus, lamb, pigs, ... (more Info)

The "Costa Alentejana"


The "Costa Alentejana" with its lonely beaches is said to be the most untouched coast area of west Europe; the southern part is a nature reserve. The sky is blue, the sun shining brightly, and the Atlantic coastline lying in wait for you! (more Info) Aktiv or Relaxing - in the Alentejo you carry your holiday in your hands. Have a look at the beautiful area, the undiscovered plains and the variety in the landscape of the Alentejo in the middle of Portugal. Enjoy your holidays far away the mass tourism.  (more Info)



Portugal, the mostly unknown hunting country, is a true paradise for hunters. Shooting has a century-old tradition here. In Portugal, the hunt is very easily combined with a cultural sight-seeing-trip or a bathing holiday. Why not join together holidays in the sun with a wild boar shoot?... (more Info) The impressive coastline of Portugal offers the fisherman a variety of good fish to catch out of the waters of the immense Atlantic Ocean. Inland there is the choice between many small and large constructed Dams or the various rivers.... (more Info)


Portugal - General Information

Portugal has a great equestrian tradition with a worldwide reputation for the thoroughbred Lusitanian breed of horse.Pleasant rides through the countryside, by the sea, through mountains or secluded villages... (more Info) Portugal stretches along the Atlantic coast of the iberic peninsula in south western Europe. In the east and north it makes border with Spain and in the west and south it is bordered by the Atlantic ocean. (more Info)

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